Here it is… the cover art for #BlackAmerica. The video is complete, the filming went well and is going to premiere on HipHopDX. The visual is every bit as #powerful as the message in the song, I can’t wait to share it with the world in a couple days…The record touches on a number of issues that plague America, not just Black America. The fact that education is so important to prosperity of this country yet we underpay our teachers and cutback on vitals programs that our children need is a big part of why I created the record. I also touch on other things like violence that is running rampant in places like Chicago( known now as ChIRAQ), our at times misguided values, and misappropriations of finances. We are a beautiful people, but a lot need to change moving forward and sure many of you would agree. Let’s love each other, stop killing ourselves and I don’t just mean with guns. I mean substances that are not natural and with poor decision making. We can do it… This goes for all people, for we are all beautiful in our own ways. Black, White, Brown, Yellow and Native all the same. Use this message to uplift yourselves but all while respecting EVERYBODY. Much love and respect to all. SHARE THIS MESSAGE of reflection. -Emerson Windy-

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Emerson Windy’s Interview on Rapping Manual

The Interview Q1. What does success look like to you and what did you do in order to get on that level of excellence? A1. To me, Windy’s success looks like an incomplete puzzle that is beginning reveal what the final image may be. I’ve come far enough to celebrate...
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