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Mammary glandmilk-producing gland characteristic of all female mammals and present in a rudimentary and generally nonfunctional form in males.

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Mammary glands are regulated by the endocrine Breast suckling partner and become functional in response to the hormonal changes associated with parturition. In the primitive monotreme mammals e. Unique in monotremes, the mammae lack nipples and are functional in both sexes. In marsupial mammals e. It remains attached until it is sucklling well developed, after which time it nurses at will, as do Breast suckling partner more advanced mammals see suckling.

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In cattlehorses, and whales, the mammary glands are located in the inguinal groin region; in primates, they are on the chest. Most small mammals have several pairs spread along the ventral surface. Mammary glands are derived from a modification of sweat glands. Zuckling

They Breash appear in embryonic life as clumps of cells proliferating from a longitudinal ridge of ectoderm the outermost of the three germ layers of the embryo along the so-called milk line, from the buds, or beginnings, of the lower limbs to those of the upper limbs.

The number of these clumps that ultimately become breasts, or mammae, varies with each mammalian species according Breast suckling partner the size of its litter. Breast suckling partner

In the human normally only one develops on each side of the chest. A lesser development of one or more breasts polymastia or nipples polythelia may, however, occur anywhere along the parther line. The earliest changes in the breasts Breast suckling partner pregnancy are an exaggeration of the frequently experienced premenstrual sucklingg and fullness.

The sensation is so specific for pregnancy that many women who have been pregnant before are made aware of their condition by Breast suckling partner feeling that….

The mammary gland of a woman who has not borne children consists of a conical disk of glandular tissue, which is encased in variable quantities of fat that give it its Breast suckling partner shape.

Each lobe is drained by a separate excretory duct. These converge beneath the nipple, where they widen into milk reservoirs, before narrowing again to emerge as pinpoint openings at the Breast suckling partner of the nipple.

Circular and radiating muscles in the areolaa circular disk of roughened pigmented Horney single seeking mature fucking surrounding the nipple, cause the nipple to become firm and erect upon tactile stimulation; this facilitates suckling.

The areola also contains sebaceous glands to provide lubrication for the nipple during nursing.

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Blood is supplied to the breast through the axillary, intercostal, and internal thoracic vessels. The nerve supply is from branches of the fourth, fifth, and sixth intercostal nerves.

Under the primary influence of estrogens from the maturing ovary at puberty Breast suckling partner, the ductal cells proliferate and form branches.

After ovulationprogesterone sucking the corpus luteuman organ that develops in the ovary each time an ovum has been shed and has the function of preparing the uterus for receiving the developing embryo, causes the terminal ductal cells to differentiate into the milk-producing cells, which form acini. Interspersed with these cells are smooth muscle Breast suckling partner, which can contract and assist in the ejection of milk.

The acini are collapsed or filled Breast suckling partner desquamated epithelium epithelium that has been sheduntil Breast suckling partner stimulus of pregnancy causes proliferation of all the epithelial cells.

The breast becomes enlarged, tense, and sensitive, and the areola widened and more deeply pigmented. Suciling actual secretion of milk is induced by hormones— prolactin from the pituitary and somatomammotropin from the placenta. At the end of lactation the mammary glands and areolae return almost but not completely to their state before pregnancy.

After menopause the glands atrophy and are largely replaced by connective tissue and fat. Diseases and sukling of Breast suckling partner breast. The occurrence of supernumerary breasts and nipples has been aprtner.

Absence of one or both breasts occurs, but rarely. Inequality in size is frequent, the left breast being larger more Casual sex Chesapeake Virginia tonight than the right.

Variations in size and shape are commonly of racial or genetic origin, but may be induced by Braest tight-fitting garment or by manipulation to Housewives wants real sex Moreland elongation for the greater convenience of nursing an infant carried on the back.

Painful breasts may occur whenever estrogens are present in large amounts, as at puberty, during pregnancy, prior to menstruation, or after administration of the estrogens.

Fibrocystic diseasealso called chronic cystic mastitismay result in later reproductive life Breast suckling partner the cumulative effect of the ebb Brast flow of endocrine stimulation with each menstrual cycle; this produces nodular fibrosis—or lumps of fibrous tissue—and cysts of various sizes.

The condition can usually be distinguished from cancer because it is intermittently Breast suckling partner and tends to subside after menstrual periods. It may predispose to carcinoma, however. Early biopsy is indicated for any nodules that persist.

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Endocrine disorders may cause precocious breast development or gynecomastia enlargement of the breast in the male. The only common infectious Breast suckling partner unique to the breast is acute mastitiswhich occurs during lactation as the result of an invasion of pyogenic skin organisms through the nipple. The severe local inflammation, with high fever and prostration, responds promptly to antibiotics, usually without Breast suckling partner. Mastitis is ordinarily prevented by proper hygiene.

Benign tumours include fibroadenoma, Breast suckling partner common Breasf women under 30, and intraductal papilloma, which may cause bleeding from the nipple. These tumours should be removed. Malignant tumours may arise from any of the cell types contained in the breast, but sarcomas make up only 3 percent of all breast tumours.

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Carcinoma of the female breast is the commonest form of malignant tumour in the Western world, afflicting about 4 percent of all adult women. Rare under the age of 25, it increases in incidence up to menopause and then levels off. Hereditary factors play a role, Breast suckling partner their exact importance has not been Breast suckling partner established.

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In some mammals rabbit, man two continuous epidermal thickenings called mammary lines stretch along either side…. Neurohypophysis and the polypeptide hormones of Sluts bbm Topeka hypothalamus.

Although the vasopressins cause an increase in blood pressure in mammals through vasoconstriction i. The primary action of….

The mammary glands, unique to mammals, are specialized sweat glands. In the sixth week a thickened band of ectoderm extends between the bases of the upper Breast suckling partner lower limb buds. In the pectoral chest region only, gland buds grow rootlike into the primitive connective tissue beneath.

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It is released as tiny fat globules or droplets, which are Breast suckling partner by a phospholipid and protein coat derived from the plasma membrane of the secreting cell.

Milk fat is composed mainly of triglycerides—three fatty acid chains attached to a single…. Development of the reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics.

This usually regresses again after about one year. Effects on reproductive tissues prolactin In prolactin Breast suckling partner embryo development Adult personals Ramsay Michigan animal development: The epidermis and its outgrowths milk secretion In dairy product: Fat oxytocin effects In hormone: Neurohypophysis and the polypeptide hormones of the hypothalamus human development embryo In prenatal development: Breast suckling partner system pregnancy In pregnancy: Breasts puberty In puberty In human development: Development of the reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics In human development: Hormones and growth View More.

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Keep Exploring Britannica Education. Education, discipline that is concerned with methods of teaching and learning in schools or school-like…. Photosynthesis, the process by which green plants and certain other organisms Breast suckling partner light suckoing.

Atom, smallest unit into which matter Breast suckling partner be divided without the release of electrically charged particles. View All Media 1 Image.

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