Change requires a platform and a reaction.
For Reese E. Windy, better known as the rising hip hop artist Emerson Windy from Oceanside, Calif., finding and utilizing a platform has never been an issue.
Rather, the challenge is building support for his efforts – which extend far beyond the his music alone – and thus getting the reaction that creates change.
“My fan base is still in a very intimate place,” said Windy. “I need my fan base to grow… I need more support so I can support more things and more people that I feel ought to be supported.”
Those are some pretty bold statements coming from a relatively new recording artist who made his first debut in the rap game just two years ago.
In an industry saturated with fraudulent artists, one-hit wonders and paper chasers, it can be difficult at times to recognize genuine talent with genuine aspirations.
But rest assured, Emerson Windy is the real deal. Read the entire interview here.

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