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Isn t there more to life than sex

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All human behaviour is guided by just fifteen fundamental desires and values, according to a controversial new study by researchers at Ohio State University.

It may not be the first time people have sought to codify behaviour into a single list cue the Ten Commandments or Seven Deadly Sinsbut never before have list-makers claimed absolute scientific validity for their work.

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Nor have psychologists exploring the motivational factors behind thann considered such a wide spectrum of intrinsic desires. For Freud there was just the one - sex.

For the psychologists at Ohio, sex jostles alongside such motivators as curiosity, vengeance and honour. In a sense, we are studying the meaning of life.

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Subjects were asked to respond to around specially designed statements, such as "I would rather lose mord life than lose my honour" or "I must avoid pain". A mathematical technique known as factor analysis was then used to group the responses into fifteen fundamental desires and values see below.

Of the fifteen, only the desires for citizenship, independence and fear of rejection have no genetic component, says Reiss.

This indicates they are genetic in origin. Subsequent testing has revealed that people respond to various desires and values in radically different ways.

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Some people orient their whole lives around sex, while some people put very little effort or energy into pursuing it. It's the same for every desire. Some people are pursuing achievement and some people are not.

Some people put a great deal of importance on family, and others don't. The desire to learn is just irresistible.

FOOD The desire to eat almost goes without saying. English soccer yobs must be missing this one.

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Schizophrenics score low on this one, according to Reiss. SEX Freud would have put this one at the top of the list.

People Say “There's More to Life than Sex” April 29 Sex Isn't Cheating, Unless You're a SlaveFebruary 3, With 3 comments. What's a. But, the more I think about it, the more I am inclined to say there isn't. Absurd right ? After all this So at times, I wonder whether there is more to life than procreation. . She knows I love her a lot, even though there is no sex involved. 42 Views. I've always felt that there's more to life than sex. To a small extent, the societal idea that women don't really enjoy sex and they only have sex to.

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