Black America

“The number of educational assistants that will be back in September has gone down and that has some parents worried that students won’t be getting the attention they need”
“We’re going to continue the notes from yesterday….”
“Thirteen year old Sharell Reeds says she likes her 8th grade History teacher Mr. Midding but isn’t sure how long he’ll be around. Mr. Midding is the 10th person to teach this class since school started in September. Ten teachers in six months. Many of them weren’t there long enough to learn the children’s names.”
“We don’t have to go in a rent shit, we got our own housing, we got our own cars, we got our own hoes, we got our own clothes. You know, that’s simple…new car new get to go to school, private school paid for courtesy of the mob”

Verse One
What’s wrong with Black America
we teach our kids to want a big ole cars
big ole rims, loud stereo
they fall into a stereotype
that nigga ball but barely read or write
know right from wrong but wanna get on (whoop)
black house that be a mama,
no damn daddy, barely keep the lights on
make forty thou as a school teacher
fuck wishing upon a star
they educated
they get hit with a bill for a quarter mill
you trippin’ my nigga
They teachin’ kids, I think you should pay ’em mo
Cause them crack dealers got big bank roll
What I tell my kids
Wanna be a President like Obama
or to be a DJ, like Drama
Packin’ they Don Cannon
the money only thing that makes sense
I’m affiliated
my role models was Tupac, P and Papa
yes lord
as I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
if I should die before i wake
I’ma leave my nigga my extra weight
I’ma leave the homie my extra drugs
and all the phone numbers to all the plugs
should I go to school or should I sell drugs?
That’s life in Black America

“I don’t know…we don’t count what we spend, but we know we spend a lot. you know what I we gonna count this money. If it ain’t Benjamin or Franklin or Benjamin Franklin…we paid…. I ain’t carry that”
don’t’ go broke too quick
ya dig
you know that that
don’t’ go broke too quick
Next month motherfucker gonna be cryin, need to pay my rent, bitch you just had six thousand dollars”
(street life is cutthroat)

Verse 2
Street life is cut throat
If you a real nigga, sell dope
You don’t go to school, you dropout
and if you step up, you get knocked out
Priority? Nigga what’s that?
I’ma buy my baby some Baby Jordans
Fuck paying bills, this more important
I’m chill all day with my niggas, smoking
On section eight? Don’t worry, things gonna be straight in a hurry
I’ma rob steal, kill a motherfucker
I drink all day cause my vision blurry
The funny thing when my nigga come home from the penn
we all celebrate
but a nigga come home with a four year degree we don’t give a fuck
cause that nigga’s fake and that’s real
My nigga, look at what we teach our kids
Rims, jewelry, rims, jewelry, rims, rims
My nigga, look at what we teach our youth
Gold chain, kill a nigga, gold chain, damn
I remember when my favorite rapper said
fuck school nigga, bang with me
fuck a job nigga, bang with me
fuck jail nigga, bang with me
That’s life in Black America
That’s life in Black America
That’s life in Black America
That’s life in Black America
Life in Black America

“I love my city, I love my niggas no matter how gritty you is”
“Just see getting shot and living was more for my ego, that was more for my image, I could, now I could walk around like Superman”
“They show off their scars the way war veterans display Purple Hearts”
“I’m used to this gang banging shit.. I’m used to this street shit”
“These niggas hoods ain’t dangerous than mine”
“Gang members like Little J and his crew smoke kush every day”
“Grade A Kush…we smoke so much of this Kush it should be against the law”
“He’ll end up dead or in prison”

Verse 3
Dead, in jail or alive come on my nigga it’s showtime
Fuck them niggas on the other side of town
better grab that pump cause it’s go time
No rappers, actors or ball players
we a bunch or real niggas trying to ball, player
Flaunt that shit my hood my nigga, they gone come in and take it all player
no stall player
right now hey, wish a nigga make my day
Fuck 401k, that don’t mean shit
my niggas roll around deep with an Ak all day
Better watch out for them sharks, cause they be swimming
Cops come round this motherfucka every time real nigga like me start winnin’
They don’t care if I’m killin’, they just care if I’m shippin’
They don’t care if I’m killin’
long as it’s another black man
with another strap man
I could shoot the nigga dead and keep dippin’
Genocide and death
is we gonna shoot til there’s no one left
sad that we gotta shoot another black man
for some street cred and some hood respect

My favorite rapper said
fuck school nigga, bang with me
fuck a job nigga, bang with me
fuck jail nigga, bang with me
That’s life in Black America
That’s life in Black America
That’s life in Black America
That’s life in Black America
Life in Black America
crack dealer got big bank roll,
my teacher, got no bank roll
look at what we teach our kids
rims, jewelry, rims, jewelry, rims, rims

“it’s was my little brother, it was like the other half of my heart and he gone now”



Verse 1
Once upon a time I told the homie
See that dude I’m a kill that nigga
Ima shoot him dead cuz he owe me money
Hold this for me
Homie said naw OG u got all the money
You the plug u got all the drugs in the city
If u go to jail, it be a pity
So he said, hold this for me
Real nigga and on mamas I’m a kill niggaz
Been down since day one, real nigga to real nigga
Just hold me down when I get out
Now it’s bout time that I get out
Boom boom boom boom bang bang
Bullets fall like light rain

We get it poppin’
If u outta line
We get it started
We get it poppin’
We get it poppin’
I’m from the O we start it
If u get retarded
We get it poppin’
Whatever u want
Whatever u need
Know that got it
We get it poppin’
Whatever u want
From the coke to the weed
Know that we got it
We get it poppin’

Verse 2
Once upon a time. I told the homie
I got a big shipment coming downtown can u take it for me
Hold up nigga
Hold up nigga before u go down
Let me tell u how it go down
Quarter mill black duffle bag.
If it’s a different story roll out nigga
Roll out nigga like a quarterback
U shoot before u don’t bring all that money back
Click pow it’s like that
Don’t get jacked
Kingpin shit that king shit
I been king since rice king
Windy get it poplin’
I got what u need
King me

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
Once upon a time I told the homies
I heard some niggaz on the other side of town want to take my money
Ain’t that funny?
Wish a nigga would
I wish a nigga could
Come try me on my own turf, that shit won’t turn out good
Cuz I shoot em up shoot em up bang bang
Most of my homies gang bang
U niggaz couldn’t hide in Iraq
Gun u down like it’s Chiraq
Never play about my stack
Click clack better get back
If u want that come get that
Hoe ass nigga my trigger poppin’ (poplin’)

Repeat chorus

We get it poppin’ x3




Come Get It

I sell dope (I sold dope but now I rap) but now I rap
I got whatyouwant if you really need that
My nigga come get it (if you need that)
My nigga come get it (if you need that my nigga)
Repeat x2
My nigga come get it

Verse 1 (Emerson Windy)
Windy go to bed like early in the morn
When I go to bed my next door neighbor they still snoring (they sleep)
I hustle all night late so Windy boy can have his way
Got a lot of shit and got a lot of bills to pay
My nigga Boston he flying in from port Miami
He chillin’ at the crib polishing my brand new semi
Whatchu need my nigga pour yourself a shot of remi, DEA want me bad cuz I got them hustle bones all in me
Next thing I know the Feds pulling down my driveway but I knew my cousin Rell would never let em find me
I grab my bag of dope and never look behind me
Praying on my downfall cuz in supplying wait
Man this could be bad cuz Windy Boy just got his weight up
Gotta go right now my nigga cuz I cannot wait up
I’m in it to win it until the game is over
I told Fashow, oh no no popo cannot pull us over

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2 (Pusha T)
Innocent is as innocent does
Everyone you call your family ain’t your cuzz
Cuz sometimes cuzz be the one that turn you over to the fuzz
Cuzz ruined Christmas this year for my nigga buck
See Buck was cookin up so that cuzz could make a plug
But then the plug jammed cuzz and cuzz took em back to Buck
Now Buck locked up, cuzz shootin’ the duck and the niggaz on the corner buck was feeding like “fuck”
Not on the holidays, your daughters wide awake
The DEA is at your door and ain’t no time to skate
They guns drawn and the only thing that Buck could think
Was cuzz helped me put the triv just the other day
Now he spendin’ money mat lock, summertime we was planning on them black drops Don’t be bragging to your cellies bout your cash pops
By the way, both your daughters ended up with laptops
Merry Christmas nigga

(If you need that my nigga)

Repeat chorus once


Peace Pipe

Verse 1
I love seeing people weeding
pack up on that and get weeded
keep smoking all your weedies
people getting weeded
people getting weeded
people getting weeded
people getting weeded
(!llmind mixin)
The thing that Windy love about the dopa
It don’t fuck you up like the coca (tha coca)
When I sell my weed to the people
I know I’m uplifting they life through the weed smoke
This shit helped Windy get his cheese up (cheese up)
I know this shit safer than peanuts
You can blow a whole bag in just two minutes
It’s gonna make you high enough to see Jesus
I know this shit can kill cancer
It’s bring folks together just like them high school dances
If you get locked up fortunately they give you more chances
If you got questions, then Windy got the answers

Pass that mothafuckin’ Peace Pipe, CHIEF
Blow a bag with me
Blow a bag with me (CHIEF)
Blow a bag, blow a bag
Pass that mothafuckin’ Peace Pipe, CHIEF
Blow a bag with me
Blow a bag with me (CHIEF)
Blow a bag, blow a bag
Pass that mothafuckin’ Peace Pipe, CHIEF
Smoke weed it’s real good for u, keeps u cool when u need it to. If u can smoke just one blunt a day.
It will keep the doctor away
Please pass that Peace Pipe, CHIEF
Blow a bag with me
Blow a bag with me (CHIEF)
Blow a bag, blow a bag
Pass that mothafuckin’ Peace Pipe, CHIEF
Blow a bag with me
Blow a bag with me (CHIEF)
Blow a bag, blow a bag
Pass that mothafuckin’ Peace Pipe

Verse 2
They love Windy cause Weedman weed the people
I think I should run for President
I’d let the people smoke their weed bro
They call me CHIEF up in this bitch, ho
Windy know a rap-a-ho (heya heya)
Windy Boy a rap-a-ho (mic checka)
I’m a certified trap-a-ho
Gotta sell my dope, bitch I gotta go
If you like this shit, then light this shit go smoke it
Let it enter your lungs baby, just hold it
Smoke the peace pipe, I’m Nostradamus Windy
I could end a whole world just with my smokes

Pass that mothafuckin’ Peace Pipe, CHIEF
Blow a bag with me
Blow a bag with me (CHIEF)
Blow a bag, blow a bag
Pass that mothafucki’n Peace Pipe, CHIEF
Blow a bag with me
Blow a bag with me (CHIEF)
Blow a bag, blow a bag
Pass that mothafuckin’ Peace Pipe, CHIEF

Repeat bridge

Please pass that Peace Pipe, CHIEF
Blow a bag with me
Blow a bag with me (CHIEF)
Blow a bag, blow a bag
Pass that mothafuckin’ Peace Pipe, CHIEF
Blow a bag with me
Blow a bag with me (CHIEF)
Blow a bag, blow a bag
Pass that mothafuckin’ Peace Pipe

Repeat bridge


Merry Go Round

Pull up top down bitches wanna know my name
So many dimes in here I’m so glad I came
I see two in the front
Four in the middle
Six on the side
1 in my rear view
2 in the front 4 in middle
Every time I touch down it’s a Merry go round round round round round round round
whoa whoa whoa
It’s like a Merry go round round round round round round round

Verse 1 (Emerson Windy)
My favorite thing about Windy being a rapstar
I pull up to the club everybody fuck wit Windy (that’s right)
I be like Mustard on that beat HO
Okay (whoop) everybody move ya feet
Up in the club we like ini miney moe
A bunch of bad bitches in the club my nigga how u pick one
But when your Windy Boy u ain’t gotta
Got my pick at bad bitches like Windy Boy won the lotto
You see that bad bitch you wanna switch
I gotta a bad one already so I throw the assist and like Chris Paul Windy came to ball y’all
I’m the man in this bitch I stand tall y’all
Awww yeah
Baby whatcha wanna do
Can’t fuck Windy Boy unless u got a whole crew
Tell your girl don’t act brand new cuz if you do then we pull off in my homeboy brand new white coupe

Repeat chorus

Verse 2 (Tooley Wopp)
Here i go with ya sister and ya cousin
Real certified player bet you wish a nigga wasn’t
My life on me they wanna KNOW tha name, cute face, phat booty ma we can do the thang
What up tell ya homegirl she wanna come too
You gone bust, Ima nut she gone cum too
Straight up you can hate it but these hoes love it, in the club wilding out like I’m on something
Grade A first class blue ribbon
Keep my money in pocket this is true pimppin’
I aint nothing like all of you other fools slipping’
You couldnt stop my game if you had two Pippens
A bruce bowen and a artest I shoot my balls at ya girl all net
Pull up top down on the Corvette, If I aint a hot boy then what you call that

Repeat chorus


Chasing Hate

Am I
am I
what I am is whatchu ain’t
all y’all nigga make believe all you bitches fuckin fake
Am I
am I
what I am is whatchu ain’t
While y’all niggaz chasing dreams I’m chasing hate
I’m chasing hate I’m chasing hate
I’m chasing hate I’m chasing hate I’m chasing hate

Verse 1
Some niggaz hate they haters but no not Windy
These haters doing Weedman a favor, these haters my motivation
When they at the crib in they bedroom or they car along they flip the the dial and put Windy on and wanna give the kid a standing ovation
One thing that true these haters are my biggest fans
You mad at Windy why? Cuz I’m the fuckin man!
I’m the man you wish you could be but you can’t
Got my name all in your mouth like dick nigga how’s it taste?!
I’ll runyouhaters down like I’m Usain Bolt
You love me so much you hate me you wanna cut your throat
I’m bout to blow up real big If you mad at that nigga watch this

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
If anything that Windy said kinda piss you off,
You a hater on my dick would you please get off (dick ridin Windy)
Windy let them haters hate
Windy boy no change I do thang the Windy Way oooow
If I had one cent for every time a hater hate, I’d have enough money to buy my way into the the pearly gates
I’d have more money than that nigga Bill Gates
Windy chasing hate mufucka make my day
I love when all the hate comes in
I put the shit in lotion and rub it on my skin
(Oil of LaHate)
Damn that shit feel real good, send me some more
I’m gon’ rub it in real good

Repeat chorus


Verse 1 Windy movin’ like some keys like I’m on pianos Plus I got Timbo on grand piano Mafioso my connect say windy mazaleo All my niggaz high and they cannot see u Them blogs saying windy boy he dope as shit That got me couple haters all y’all suck my dick Everybody Windy buildin buzz and when I hit the booth I spit a lot of drugs O’side (O’side) Windy real O’sider, I’m from Westside Westcoast Windy real Westsider My uso homies call me Windy alafele, over Timbo drums I’m gon’ kick that shit like Pele You better mind your fuckin business before I get to business If you don’t want the business Mind your fuckin business Chorus My music sellin’ like it’s dope, my music sellin’ like it’s coke Worth my weight in gold like my shinning chain Windy poppin’ true thang Repeat x 2 Verse 2 I said it, Windy worth his weight in gold I want a vault filled with gold nigga that’s the goal I’m bouncing to this beat just like a six four Placed under extreme pressure half these niggaz (like paper) Windy got a song with 2 Chainz, Windy got a song with Pusha T, Windy got a song with Lil Wayne Bout to move them shits like crack did back in 83′ When I get big I wanna be rich like 50, when we up in the club we gon be double fistin, when we hit Miami we hit them king if diamonds Fuck first class all my nigga flying private Awww yeah Whoop My music movin’ like it’s cocaine, that shit that give yo ass a nose bleed I could be beat with no hands Windy boy dope boy MVP Oooh Repeat chorus My music sellin’ like it’s dope (Ship ship ship) Repeat 3 more times

Narration Herojuana is a particularly strong strain of medical marijuana
The affects are potent enough to put a new user into heroine like state 
If you’re not careful you can feel like your losing your fucking mind 
Your heart may slow down to the point that your high ass may not even be able to tell it’s beating 
Or it may speed up, who the hell knows
It’s new 
Here’s a tip Calm down and don’t be a bitch 
Remember it’s just weed and you like weed 
Now do as Weedman Windy says Herojuana
Awww shit I think he on a bad trip 
He think he rollin’ like he on some of that Molly or that acid 
Verse 1 
(Emerson Windy) 
That bomb that ganja that feel like heroine 
It can pick up or it can bring you down do weird shit to your cranium 
Sativa or that indica
Up or down what the fuck u want
This here is that Herojuana this Herojuana is a Trippy drug (god damn I’m high)
White said “Weedman I’m on a bad trip” (shut up)
You just fucked up u never had this
I suggest you stop smoking that bad shit
Switch your game up now go on flame up we done switch the game up God damn
Which star we on
Music and marijuana get your Marley on
Light that spliff and burn ya ganja make you rastafari like Damian
Pass the Ganji on the left un side
Call Weedman if you wanna get real high 555-420-WEED if you wanna try it
Get a little higher my youth

Herojuana it’s not for the faint of heart but it’s fucking amazing for those who can handle the ride There’s a thin line between trippin bad and super trippy just like there’s a thin between love and hate
Hate it or love it There’s nothing above it

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
(Tooley Wopp)
I got it if u need it on the lowkey this that Herojuana
OG listen here if you OT, I get it too ya door for the 4-3
In and outdo on me homie just say where, may i suggest to you next day air
Oceanside nigga and mines is that killA and I’m on board like a chess game playa
You talking bout Blueberry Haze, this right here is how you do Mary Jane
You call up Kiesha, dial up Irene twist ’em all down and you have a train
Cali kush now do you have a brain, probably not
Smokers go brain dead off this kind of pot
At the weedman house bought to buy a lot like what kind you got 2x
Naw if it aint no OG Kush weed bag
Then you better gon head and keep that 2x

Herojuana This shit is stronger than the laced pot Angel gave Smokey in the movie Friday Not only will u find yourself naked in a chicken coup for no apparent reason You will be doing so while quoting Rick James Say it It’s a hell of a drug
Weedman Windy
Tooley Wopp
Mike Will Made It

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