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Funk homies we here on Dating sex fuxk russian girls T. The Dating sex fuxk russian girls on Bavalon B13killing. Funk riders we run this shit blood fuck all. CV70 getting cuxk by ATF. We know all about you. All you want to do is see who I am. How are your Nigger meds coming along? Not the tree top cat. You are a joke. I told you where I am and you start bitching at somebody from Compton.

Btw, Hardy fucking harr. Tf does that even mean? Just shuuuuuuuuut up dude. Are you Steven No fake women please segal?

You think this is roadhouse you fucking retard. The internet is your liiiiife dog.

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I bet you got 10 different pages open and all of them are either this page, or some weird ass porn on the dark web or some shit. Or what kind of car. Or what neighborhood you live in. Bottom line is that here, on THIS page, none of that matters. Ya, cuz all successful white men stick to gang sites for there kicks. David Rockefeller loves talking shit to crips. Think with your Dating sex fuxk russian girls brain, not the crazy racist retard brain, think, boil it down.

You are, a sad sack of shit. And you can say all day how you are not, but your words everyday speak otherwise. Man that was a good rap about rocco the but sniffer. I want to throw down on this wack ass beat hey gave me a treat. My name is Rocco and I like fruit pebbles that orange, green, and lime I have a bedtime. LMAO Are you taking your meds? Dating sex fuxk russian girls instead of nigger, you gotta say wigger? And lack of any real intellect or braod vocabulary because you can not even think of any ANY other degrading words other than wigger.

And ya, I am white. The fuck does that have to do with it? Go ahead, call Riverside PD and ask Dating sex fuxk russian girls Sgt marina Sex chat in Omaha mi dumb fuck. Think Girls looking to fuck Byers you speak you sad ass bitch.

Rocco I been playing you bro. I faked Jose Marina.

Been playing rocco since the eight tray page. Did you notice how that Allah freak disappeared? You sir, have been played. Like a god damn violin. I suggest you stop commenting from now on. I got to know Sgt.

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Dude rocco you are sick. What was her name? What city in Riverside county did you meet him in?

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But you MET him. Look up Jose Madina in Riverside. He is city council u queer. My name is Vincent Rucker.

Dating sex fuxk russian girls

I create Women seeking casual sex Ashland City Tennessee films at Cal state Dating sex fuxk russian girls. When I was 13 I wrote I short story containing a police detective hirls Jose madina. I faked being this cop to mess tussian Rocco, now when I told him he is busted and now know he is not law enforcement, he is now claiming to have MET Morristown nc sex gotten to KNOW jose.

A character I made up. And got to know him. Idk, those anti psych medication probably has side effect. You lose bro plain and simple. Your friends did not create this website, you know the truth Rocco. You know rsusian truth and your going to lie and lie. YaI russsian needed you to keep talking. You bought that shit hook line and sinker.

Ahahahahah you fucking loser answer me what does the Sargent look like? Dating sex fuxk russian girls are now being investigated for trying to impersonate me, a Police Officer.

Your story is also ridiculous and makes no sense. You are fucked up in the head faggot. My name is Vincent rucker. I made home up for a short film give it up. Rocco you are sad. WHILE yes, they are different, tell that to my spell check.

You know the truth. You know the truth rocco. So again, what does he look like? What ethnicity is his wife? What county does he live Dating sex fuxk russian girls Now, any regular person would never call a cop a faggot, Naughty lady want sex Frankfort reason I AM, is Dating sex fuxk russian girls he is not real.

Dating sex fuxk russian girls know it rocco. And I know it rocco. I wish I could prove to everybody on here that you are a fake. But tuxk with half a brain will know. Oh ya, I forgot. I made you up Jose. You really are a skitzo or something. And because of that, I really, really hope sx actually finds you.

Not county, what city? Who is your commanding officer? Fuck it who is the Chief of your county? How long have you been a deputy? What made a Hispanic guy like you want to meet a racist guy like rocco? This only proves how wrong you are.

Either way, we fuuxk have a real retard for the role. Give it that genuine feel girsl it. You Eddie barbanell looking dick head. You sound like a desperate lunatic with multiple personalities.

Who are you going to be this week? Be sure to come arrest me for impersonating you. Who gave you orders?

Are you a decorated officer? As a Sargent, you must Dating sex fuxk russian girls decoration of valor, so what are they Sargent? Look at Rocco trying his hardest to act like Marina. sdx

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Hey where did you go Sgt? Since I am being investigated, why do you not post under the Sgt like this one?

Ahahahahahahahahahah rocco you are truly a stupid person. Wanna threaten ppl with getting IP addresses and shit well I got yours now. Have fun Rocco or Dwayne or Richard or ha ha ha, I even think that tree top dude is you too. If he was treez, he would not be saying the N word with that hard R. Anyway your busted bro Single wife wants casual sex Sandpoint got you dumb bitch I got you and you know it.

Love, your friend, Vince. Until next time, stay on the short bus and keep your helmet on, hold moms hand when you cross Dating sex fuxk russian girls street and if you have an accident in your pants, be sure to let the teacher know. Anyways posting others personal information is Dating sex fuxk russian girls punishable offense.

You know the place. You know the times.

Dating sex fuxk russian girls

Faggot ass fuck boy. Rocco, your lying again you peice of shit. I know its you bro just Dating sex fuxk russian girls a man post as Dating sex fuxk russian girls. Be a fucking man. Not a scared bitch who gets called out and has to hide behind anonymous and other bullshit names.

You white devils are pure evil. And as far as you reporting my IP address to the feds, can you tell them to suck my Dick while your apt it, fake ass pig. I made it out the hood, have a degree, house and all that. They read your post and instantly hates white people more. These are the people that can and will get converted to radicalism. Those are the official F. Statistics you dumb asshole Nigger in Denial. My job is to put asshole street Niggers in jail.

Dating sex fuxk russian girls Site is not about Dr. Ben Carson or St. Sounds like you are a street Nigger who hates white people. Rochoe — Niggas may kill niggas, usually over money.

This problem can be fixed with Lonely housewives want nsa Tuscaloosa Alabama economical development.

Every race that immigrated to this country and lived in ghettos perpetrated crimes. The Italian Mafia was a far bigger threat than a bunch of street gangs. What about the Irish and Russian Mafia. Fuck, what about the Wild West, You Birdshit looking white boys with your maggot looking babies started gang banging.

You ever heard of Cowboys robbing stagecoaches and shit…yeah. Jesse James, Billy the kid…all gangsters. As economic opportunity became more available, the crime stats for those criminal groups dropped. But lets talk about you White Devils though. You White Devils are evil. You sick Dating sex fuxk russian girls fucks victimized the most innocent, weakest victims.

Shit is real sad. Soft weakminded little White Devil is what he was, just like you RocHoe! My conclusion is that you should shut the fuck up trying to demonize blacks every where you go.

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We got our problems, but our problems can be fixed by making more money and opportunity. We all know who the real demon is because of the headlines: This tiny Crip from Altadena Block Crips.

Were all ready with tree top pirus. There will never be any kind of permanent truce among Niggers.

Crips even hate other Crips. More Crips are killed by other Crips than by Bloods. Niggers basically hate each other. It has and always will be: Lmao rocco please stop every time some one tries to beat you up you give them the police station address its ok sweetheart we Datijg all be tough your mother is probaly your 1st cousin.

What am I supposed to do?? Looking for a woman to spoil temporarily Dating sex fuxk russian girls the middle of some shithole Nigger Ghetto where a couple of Niggers can ambush me behind my Dating sex fuxk russian girls Lmao how the fuck we gonna make our F look like a Pk?

Thats a straight check. Quik was coo but yg wack.

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They know WesTT Hannin! Most niggas dont even know Fruit Trucks outside of the Hub. Dating sex fuxk russian girls Reality of it is very, very simple: Niggers are the most disorganized mixed up jealous people in America. TThey in TThe house smokin meth all day! Girks got homies Dating sex fuxk russian girls of state too what you mean?

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My gang is called S. We gonna be affiliated with some real niggas ya feel me! B Super Loked Out Bloods!! Fucc these punk ass slob niggas! You fuccing teatop pussies!

Keep up that old Nigga spirit of killing each other. It makes our Job that much easier. On Nigger, check out all the Nigger on Nigger shootings and actual killings in Chicago. Too bad we took over elmk poplar arbuitus culver oleander acacia lll they ruussian Dating sex fuxk russian girls is west maple west spruce and hickory.

Dont talk about wall banging pussy ass tanks. And sporty Dating sex fuxk russian girls some slobs out before he went out this was back in the day. Lmao like 1st ecc? Yall shot at the wrong one on aranbe lol a few years back a lot of homies got locked up and not one shot at but by mexicans.

You get no points for that yall known for fucken with innocents or neighbors even by other blacks. But this east cedar st side you know the deal bitch we shot your homie in the back here a year ago for trying to pass.

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Yall noT even good in BompTon. First of all dont worry about us and 70 thats ese shit. Deep down inside, the Nigger knows or at least feels that he is Dating sex fuxk russian girls. This whole Gang Site is really Nigger versus Nigger. It will never happen for two reasons: They just avoid them.

Niggers were born to kill other Niggers. The facts speak for themselves. That is a Dumb highly self serving Gross Exaggeration made by a Nigger man with an Huge Inferiority Complex always out trying to prove something.

People who are mixed Black are a minority of all the Blacks. Some of the mixed Blacks are that way because of a Black woman being with a White Man. It works Who needs sleep aid ways. Scuse u nigga aint nobody a wetback fuk u think this iz nigga.

Keep runnin that mouth nigga ima sed tap dat ass nigga. Hey pedophile Rocco since you seem to girle, dumb racist, I happen to have the same amount of pigment in my skin. You know your going to hell, right. I thank you and I appreciate and accept your apology. How many women are they running, how many women Dating sex fuxk russian girls children by these men that are talking. Let alone gave them an engagement ring to give the mother of his children his name.

He was giving me his name. You are a crazy Nigger. I guess I moved from Idaho to Oxnard. That sounds like a side Sex personals Troy to me. You just described a side chick. So stay in your place and no your place in the back where he russin your Dating sex fuxk russian girls.

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Please do not approach the the girl with the engagement ring. We got that I Do coochie!!!! It will make you walk Dating sex fuxk russian girls the aisle saying I Do!!!! One of rusaian rappers should make a song abou that. And you only can get gutter rats. You might as well be dead too or gay. You raggedy bum troll. Seriously, you need some professional Counseling.

You fuck stop embarrassing yourself. Why all the Postering?? You should keep your personal feelings to yourself Dating sex fuxk russian girls you will be able to deal with his death better. They do have a couple suspects in mind, but it is not going to be an easy thing to prove at this point from what I was told.

This dude aint rocco. He would never talk like this! Yes it was Rocco you dumb asshole Nigger. I was trying to Leasburg NC sex dating some compassion to the Woman after all the insulting.

It was a Crip on Crip Murder. Crips are always trying to kill other Crips from different Neighborhoods. A ring means everything dumb ass. A ring mean marry me. Not a side chick girlfriend cut means Mrs. That is a Dating sex fuxk russian girls papers.

So that makes me Mrs Bitch. I got that marry …… Lol!!! And Dating sex fuxk russian girls do you care any way. Get off his jock. Take pride in yourself. Ooh that was so funny OMG!!!!!!!!! While you are looking at your bare fingers. And we were in ADting at the hotel where the boats actually dick inside the hotel while we Looking for a warm bed. Just gorgeous With my ring. Ooh I cried like a newborn.

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I will never forget that ever. Where is Daing ring Oh just like I thought. Otherwise, the ring is just an excuse to make a mockery out of you, girl. Del deserved better Dating sex fuxk russian girls you and if I had met him before you, he would have given me the ring. I dismissed Brenda and any other women white or black.

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Because I got the 4 carat ring on it boo. So that makes me that bitch. Sexy girls in Beavercreek Ohio would never date a white women Dell would never date beneath him.

Ladies take notes I always wore a bikini and Giuseppe Zanotti heels my favorite designer. That will get you a ring on it. A black crochet cut out bikini and those Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Dating sex fuxk russian girls I can say is bad bitches on the Dating sex fuxk russian girls. You know dog gone men do not buy every random bitch rings that costs thousands of dollars.

Anonymous if you are a man hoe many rings did you buy for women If you are a women how many rings have you received from men. Since it does mean anything She should have tons of rings. And you should be given rings out like candy. So I will tell you how many. So shut the fuck up.

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russjan Smh and they call themselves the black race. The Koran is a book of hate and violence against all Infidels non believers of Islam. The Koran calls for the death of all infidels unless they convert to Islam.

It is a basically sick Religion that promotes violence and death to all non believers of Islam and is very, very condescending to women and believes they are the slaves of men. Rocco, is that your gay ass again. Stalking black men again. Rocco sit fixk gay ass down somewhere. These fine black men girla not gay. Just ask your red neck bald mother.

The Nigger on this Site victimize russsian Niggers far more than me. In fact, it was a Nigger who killed your Nigger. Thank you Rocco for the information. You are a true detective. You really figured it out. You are so smart. Rocco you are so stupid it hurts. Dex by the way it was one of your white hill billy honkies that cooked and ate your dead white trash mother. Rocco your mom is a nigger Adult want casual sex Ackley she sucks black cock for a living LoL thats why you mad fucken piece of shit coward….

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Cuz these niggers moms tried to trade them for a hit. Dj Quik is in the Motherfucken house. Too In town for a few days could use a friend your Crossville tn area horny females got shot by another Nigger and is dead. Say hello gitls Brenda. I saw her posting on the Del Nigger Page.

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I got that Amateur looking for anything 18. I work out every day. I never worried about any bitch.

I wore a bikini and heels just on gp. Ufxk baby could wait to come and see me. I was like cocaine boo. And I mean Giuseppe Zanotti heels boo. If Dating sex fuxk russian girls know the designer. A bikini and Giuseppe Zanotti heels best to believe it. You must have a thing for us cause were all you talk about. I get paid for it. Cornelius blaCCwell the Honkey!!!!!! At least my comments are backed fyxk my Facts and government Statistics. His Dating sex fuxk russian girls was also in trailer tramps part2!

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This Site is dedicated to girps Nigger Criminals. Get itasshole? It goes all Dating sex fuxk russian girls way back to Africa. There, they would go to war and kill each other. They Dating sex fuxk russian girls to be in their little neighborhood Set and walk around feeling like they are somebody.

White people just avoid Niggers as Find Hodgenville as possible in the same way you would step over a piece of Shit on the sidewalk. Some of them are the idiots who voted for Obama, the half breed Nigger president who is weak, stupid and afraid of his own Shadow like some of Dating sex fuxk russian girls Street Niggers. It works both ways, Sand Nigger. Now, go igrls your fake god Allah in the Ass and then wipe all Dating sex fuxk russian girls Shit from him with your Koran comic book.

The White women that we see with Niggers are usually fat, unattractive white trash with low Dating sex fuxk russian girls esteem. I enjoy my Job very much, do very well and enjoy putting Niggers in Jail or better yet, seeing them kill each other like they Datjng in Chicago. So, it happens both ways.

What about clans in old Ireland and Scotland, German barbarians too, all warring against each other? Get the fuck out of here Roche.

Youre an uneducated white devils spewing ignorance. Youre the real niggee here and you know it. You try to sound firls by regurgitating skewed stats witHouten providing any sources. My stats are straight Hot ladies seeking nsa North Bay Ontario the FBI, you and your people prey on children.

Youre evil and wicked. Frankly, bastards like you make me and other minorities want to sign up for that shit so we can finally get rid of white devils like you.

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Is Dating sex fuxk russian girls what you want Rochoe? Keep talking this shit. My brown people are reading this shit too, giving them ideas. And some of them will seriously consider it. Gangs formed to protect themselves from racist whites that would drive around beatin on blacks and they would call themselves spook hunters… The gangs formed in defence to spook hunter. The spook hunters immediately died off in fear. But i wouldnt expect a white bitch anonymous postin shit online to know that… Just stay hidin on the internet and youll be safe… Also white kids wish they were Dwting nowadays.

Never seen that not even anymore they died out. P ftK tfK nhK. Stop pretending this is Dating sex fuxk russian girls job you just to dumb to do anything else!! Dating sex fuxk russian girls Rocco is correcting spelling now…no wonder he has no life his stupid ass is doing a spell check on this ghetto ass site!!

Rocco cares more about this site than everybody else…. The Tunas not on shit where they at? Thast what happen when you want to be the biggest baddest gang in the Hub. No Dxting near homie but where you at?

Or any other hood? No shit we had loses. Lynwood norwalk south gate Lonely kentucky women and left ttpK on two streets haha. The Nigger is one small step above a Monkey on the evolutionary Scale.

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Yes, Go down to one of those Ghetto Sexx Neighborhoods and look for a guy standing on the Datint with a Cell phone in his hand. That is the definition of a Nigger. My contribution is that I help put Niggers in Jail before they kill each other. Any other questions, Einstein? Rocco is on this site because he is poor and stupid….

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